how it began

As a child of the 80’s, Dungeons and Dragons had a huge influence on me. It fueled my imagination and resourcefulness, and gave me an outlet to express my creativity.

As D&D made a comeback and started becoming mainstream well into my adulthood, I rekindled my passion with the 5th edition and launched some campaigns with friends. I also began printing and painting my own miniatures, as well as creating environments to enhance game-play.

But I started feeling like something was missing from the fully immersive experience I was looking for: the perfect table.

I looked online across Canada and the United States but I was disappointed to only find typical “game” tables designed for board games and cards. There didn’t seem to be any options specifically created for the hardcore RPG enthusiasts.

I decided if I couldn’t find the perfect table, I would create it myself.


I built my first prototype, and it was a major success. The RPG-specific features made game-play more enjoyable, my players loved it, and I started getting interest from the local community.

Since then, I’ve decided to combine my passion & creativity with my love of building to give people the ultimate RPG experience.